Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Prisma Logistic Goods Management

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On the market with passion...

PRISMA, since many years is present on the market with logistic management of the commodities. Such a management is organised based on specific machinery in the warehouse, software programs, and expertly trained staff, all in function of the needs and requests of the Client. By management we mean, the actual physical manipulation of the goods in the warehouse.

Some good habits...

Upon arrival the goods are accounted for electronically and directed to specific spaces within the warehouse, facilitating inventory. The goods are only moved from their space to prepare them for packaging for transport.


Furthermore in our warehouse we offer our Clients a series of solutions for stocking or depositing goods for third parties:

  • Exclusive dedicated warehouse with metal shelving
  • Monthly rent of space, and storing solutions within our structure
  • Personalised space for stocking, packaging and managing goods based on single Client needs
  • Centralised handling of orders and distribution