Monday, May 25, 2020

Prisma TransportOur managerial staff

Arnaldo Giacchetti
Arnaldo Giacchetti - President
Gino Canaletti
Gino Canaletti - General Manager
Riccardo Giacchetti
Riccardo Giacchetti - Sales Manager


Antonella Giacchetti
Antonella Giacchetti - Purchase Manager
Nicholas Canaletti
Nicholas Canaletti - Head of logistics dept.
Luigi Tidei
Luigi Tidei - Head of inland transport dept.


Katy Pagnanini
Katy Pagnanini - Head of overland transport
Riccardo Sacchetta
Riccardo Sacchetta - Forwarder
Lucci Mauro
Mauro Lucci - Forwarder


Concetta Soccio
Concetta Soccio - Forwarder
Stefoni Simona
Simona Stefoni - Accounting manager
Serena Capozucca
Serena Capozucca - Accounting




Marco Baleani
Marco Baleani - Sales Manager
Sandro Tarquini
Sandro Tarquini - Sales Manager
Gionata Pasquali
Gionata Pasquali - Warehouse Manager


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Work with us

Constantly expanding, and looking for new partners...

If your company is in the transport/shipping business,Prisma could be your ideal business partner:

  • Keep your goods in our warehouse in transit through our country
  • Support network

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