Monday, May 25, 2020

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Company Vision

In the past years, we have been assisting to a profound change; the entire social network of our area is in evolution. Delocalisation, globalisation and outsourcing have contributed to the fact that some of the production isn’t done here anymore. Therefore the importing of primary goods has strongly declined.


Some of the main activities have become the commercialisation of goods produced partly or totally outside of Italy, therefore the necessity, of large stocking space for brief periods of time, and the capability of mananging/shipping in real time.

Capability of adapting structure and services to changing necessities of the Client...

That is what PRISMA has invested upon, and is investing in. The constant and rapid changes, oblige to constant adaptation to better services at the best conditions..

  • space
  • capability of management in/out of warehouse in a brief lapse of time
  • constant tracking of goods
  • national shipping
  • international shipping
  • express services
  • dedicated services worldwide by air and sea

and much more

The opportunities, of diverse type and nature, keep on presenting themselves, and it will be fundamental to be well structured, before the competion.

Availability, competence, and professionalism will be the answer of PRISMA