Monday, May 25, 2020

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About Us

PRISMA S.R.L was founded in 1985 (originally as Raule Marche), by a group of associates with a solid experience in the international shipping business.

The company is situated in central Italy,in one of the commercial centres with the highest exportation rates.

The first headquater was in a small warehouse in an industrial estate of Civitanova Marche, at the time made up of one road only, Via Sandro Pertini. The main business was shipping by truck of shoes produced in the area, to European countries such as Germany, France and Belgium. In 1991, the company transfered the offices and warehouse to Porto Sant’ Elpidio, where they stayed till 2000. During that period the company strengthened its’ position in the international shipping business.
At that time already being in a period of expansion, PRISMA, moved yet another time, in 2000 to Montecosaro Scalo, to a bigger warehouse, with hydraulic loading machinery, more space and bigger offices. Despite the changes,

PRISMA, broadens the range of services offered, maintaining customer and assistance at high standards.

The results are immediate, so after only five years, the structure isn’t adequate anymore to sustain the shipping load and goods movement. Therefore in April 2005 PRISMA returns to Civitanova to the new industrial estate A, within the Interporto forwarders area.
During the years, PRISMA, adapted,and changed it’s status, but mostly the company grew in the truck/by land international shipping, expanding old services and adding new ones. Today the company serves almost all EU countries, with regular departures of trucks several times a week with complete grouping, and also express services toward Italy and Europe.By sea, to and from north Africa, whereas China and India have air freight service, and are part of a network that guarantees delivery in all parts of Italy. Warehouse space has increased from 500 m² to 3000 m².The goods being shipped have evolved, not just shoes anymore, but different kinds of Italian products from and to Italy. Excellent shipping,and steadfast assistance, have made customers faithful,and we like to think they have found in PRISMA, not just any company, but a trustworthy business partner.
In the thirty years of existence, growth has been constant,rooting PRISMA deeply into local business. Since a few years we also started integrated logistics, to satisfy customer demand, for an organized warehouse, which with time, and also thanks to particularly versatile software, has become an important activity for PRISMA, with much appreciated and interesting results.
Since dicember 2012, the core of the business has moved to Via Ansaldo 33-35-37, in the industrial estate A of Civitanova Marche,in a new structure capable of facing the growing needs, and wider spectrum of services offered.

Thanks to this new organisation, supported by the pre-existing one in Via Gobetti 146/4c, PRISMA sets itself in the local panorama as the ideal provider for logistical and shipping services. The service is total, from the management of the warehouse to shipping, from and to Italy,and the rest of the world, in all possible ways, air, land and sea, with groupage service, express service and a wide array of other services.